Enchanting Places to Visit in Yercaud, India

Yercaud Lake

Located in the state of Tamil Nadu, Yercaud is a stunning hill station nestled in the Shevaroy Range in the Eastern Ghats. The place is aptly nicknamed as ‘Jewel of the South’ owing to its beautiful topography and serene environment. From picturesque waterfalls to lush green mountains, sparkling lakes to prosperous wildlife, huge coffee plantations to blossoming forests and vibrant culture to interesting history, Yercaud perfectly captures the true spirit of South India. The plethora of incredible places to visit in Yercaud makes the idea of vacationing here even more appealing.

So, here is a list of a few must-visit spots in the exotic hill station.

  1. Yercaud Lake
    Also known as the Emerald Lake, Yercaud Lake is situated right in the middle of the hill station and is surrounded with lush green hills and towering trees. Being South India’s only natural mountain lake, it is counted among the top places of interest in Yercaud. You can go boating or enjoy the local cuisine at the shops and eateries dotting the nearby area.
  2. Loop Road
    Loop road is a 32-km stretch starting from Yercaud Lake that passes across the Yercaud’s various plantations and villages. Driving across this road is the best way to delve deeper into its rich culture and to explore its thriving agriculture and tourism scene. The spellbinding views offered by the road have added it among the most sought after tourist places in Yercaud.
  3. Bear Cave
    Situated in a private estate near the Norton Bungalow, the Bear Cave is buried seven feet below the ground. As per the stories, the cave was dug by the bears and served as a hideout spot and escape route for Tipu Sultan. The locals also believe that the caves lead to the Servaroyan Temple.
  4. Pagoda Point
    Pagoda Point is a viewpoint situated on the eastern part of the Yercaud Hills that offers mesmerising bird’s eye view of the entire hill station and its surrounding area. It is one of the best places to visit in Yercaud for those who are seeking peace and tranquillity. Sri Rama Temple located nearby is a popular spot among tourists.
  5. Kiliyur Waterfall
    The captivating view of the water from Yercaud Lake falling from an altitude of 300 feet in Kiliyur Valley is an absolute delight for a nature-lover. The waterfall is located near Yercaud Lake and can be reached through a 2 km trek. Here, you can take part in enjoyable activities like swimming, boating and picnicking.
  6. Lady’s Seat
    Situated on the south-western part of Shevaroy Hills, the Lady’s Seat is rock-shaped like a seat that offers an enchanting view of the town of Salem and the Ghat Road. It is listed amongst the hill station’s best viewpoints and is especially popular for the entrancing sight of the sunset it offers. The place used to serve as an ideal venue for kitty parties among the British women during the colonial rule.
  7. Silk Farm
    By taking a trip to the Silk Farm, you can witness the skill of rearing silkworms and procuring silk from cocoons. The farm also portrays the history of silk production in India. Exploring this place can offer you an enlightening and interesting experience. Also, you can visit the Rose Garden located nearby for a delightful view of the colourful roses scattered across the huge stretch of land.
  8. Deer Park
    Situated on the Lady’s Seat Road along the banks of Yercaud Lake, Deer Park makes for an ideal picnic spot with its lush green stretches, enthralling view of the surrounding hills and rich wildlife including ducks, deer and peacocks. Besides having a picnic, you can also indulge in photography or play games like baseball, cricket, basketball and football. It is most crowded during the afternoons and is closed at 5 p.m.
  9. Anna Park
    Situated next to the Yercaud Lake, Anna Park features a plethora of natural plants and various species of animals found around Shevaroy Hills. The park has a wide collection of swings and slides to attract children, while its scenic and serene atmosphere entice others. It hosts flower shows during May which are considered among the hill station’s major events. You can also witness the ancient and primitive Japanese methods of horticulture showcased in a Japanese park located inside Anna Park’s premises.
  10. Servaroyan Temple
    Located at the hill station’s highest point, Servaroyan Temple was built by Yercaud’s ancient tribes to honour Goddess Kaveri. Visiting the temple offers a chance to delve deeper into the place’s spirituality. As a bonus, it offers an enticing view of the Mettur Dam. Also, the path leading to the temple is breathtaking.

Visiting each of these places will present you with a memorable experience. So, these places should definitely be added to your itinerary for an incredible Yercaud trip.

Best Time to Visit Yercaud, Tamilnadu

October to June is the most favourable time to explore Yercaud. These months offer pleasant weather and will let you take a comfortable and convenient sightseeing tour. The hill station hosts a vibrant 7-day summer festival during May. The festival features several flower shows, boating races, dog shows and village fairs. It is recommended to avoid Monsoons as it may get in the way of your sightseeing plans. However, the place becomes more gorgeous during the rainfall.

How to Reach Yercaud, India
  • By Air: The nearest airport is in Salem, 38 km away from Yercaud. However, Trichy Airport is the nearest major airport, 168 km away. You can take a bus or a cab from the airport to reach Yercaud.
  • By Road: Yercaud is connected to the nearby towns and cities by public and private buses. Alternatively, you can also drive as the roads are in good condition.
  • By Train: The closest railway station to the hill station is the Danishpet Railway Station. However, the nearest major railhead is Salem Railway Station, 22 km away.


Which are the best hotels and resorts in Yercaud?
Great Trails Yercaud, The Grange, Happy Nest Yercaud, Yellow Lake Resorts and Spa, The Brook Resorts and Spa and TGI Star Holidays are few of the many great accommodation options available in the hill station. It is advisable to go through the hotels in Yercaud with rates online and make an advance booking if you plan your trip during the peak season.
Which are the best places to visit in Yercaud in 1 day?
Yercaud Lake, Kiliyur Waterfall, Deer Park, Anna Park and Silk Farm are all located nearby each other and can easily be visited in 1 day.
What is the means of transportation within Yercaud?
You can travel around in autos. They charge a particular amount for 1-day trips to prime places like the two temples and Pagoda Point. Also, the weather is pleasant enough to walk around the nearby places.
Which are the best places in Yercaud for nature photography?
Yercaud Lake, Pagoda Point, Deer Park, Lady’s Seat, Norton’s Bungalow, Karadiyur Viewpoint and Tipperary Viewpoint are the places you can visit for nature photography.