Free Fire Redeem Codes Updated – June 2024

Free Fire

Free Fire provide a great collection of exclusive in-game items such as skins, free diamonds, pets, etc. Players can easily purchase these items from the in-game store or win them by participating in the in-game events. However, this requires gamers to spend in-game currencies, such as diamonds. But buying diamonds is not a feasible option as it involves paying a cost. Hence, to solve this problem, the developers release redeem codes, which offers an effective way of providing these items to the games free of charge.

List of updated redeem codes for June 2024

  • V5J2G8K4W9R64FN7

  • 7Z4K2N9H5J3F6L8R

  • B1C8G5J9K3W4Q6XF

  • T2G7Q4R8X5J9K1C3

  • Q9B3X6F8Y44Z1CLP

  • A1N6Z44L8R2G7XKH

  • 3Q7B52W2P9R4Y8JF

  • E2H7N4C8X5RF1KZM

  • M9W3J5RD7G1K6ZFD

  • Q2Z8X4N7R1K5HCJW

  • G5P2J7R4F8C3Q76K

  • 9H4D7R2J5Y6QB8ZK

  • N1R8J3F6Z5W74Y2L

  • C9Q4W2D8X7F5JY3P

  • 6N2X8J3Y7R4P59QD

  • W1R6Z9C2J3F4GY5N

  • 7H3W9Y5D1F4Z8R6J

  • 6Y4P9DX2B1Z5C8JK

  • T4R9F2Y5D6X7CD1J

  • 2R8G5X1H6Q3Y7PFD

  • K1D7X4Y8F3R6GJQW

  • H9R5Z1P8J4W2D7N6

  • 3F9X5Y2G7C6Q1R8L

  • M6W4G8D5ZR7Y1F9P

What has to be kept in mind is that most of these codes are country or region-specific, which means players from only that region can redeem them. Furthermore, most of these codes are valid for a specific period after which they expire, making them unusable for Gamers.

How to Use Redeem Codes in Free Fire?

Garena Free Fire – the official rewards website is the only domain where you can use a redeem code. Here are steps you need to follow to claim the rewards:

Step #1:

Click here to visit the official website.

Step #2:

Log in to their Free Fire accounts using your Facebook, Google, Twitter, VK, Huawei ID, or Apple ID.
(Note: Gamers using guest accounts will not be able to use the redeem code. In such a case, the players need to bind their accounts with any of the forums mentioned above.)

Step #3:

Enter the redeem code in the text field and click on the confirm button.

Step #4:

After the code has been successfully redeemed, collect your rewards from the in-game mail section. In case you receive a notification that your code is invalid or has expired, it means your redeem code is no longer usable. There is no way around this problem.