10 Things to Do While in Quarantine during Coronavirus

Covid - to do list

The COVID-19 health crisis has forced people to remain indoors. All leisurely pastimes such as music concerts and sporting events suddenly seem like things from the distant past. Schools are closed, and so are the tourist hotspots. Experts recommend that even those who do not show any symptoms of coronavirus should stay indoors.

Among the most common measures to help “flatten the curve” is to self-quarantine during the global pandemic. However, humans are social by nature. Boredom is causing a psychological impact on people facing bouts of depression, elevated levels of anxiety and claustrophobia.

But what to do during quarantine? We’ve compiled a list of ten things to do in quarantine to make your time enjoyable.

  1. Fix a Puzzle
    One of the biggest winners of the lockdown has been jigsaw puzzles. In California, a local games shop owner has reported a 400% hike in demand for puzzles since people are practising social distancing. Apart from jigsaw puzzles, people are taking on the Rubik’s Cube and crossword puzzles.
  2. Start Writing
    During the COVID-19 pandemic, people are on their digital devices more than ever. It won’t be a bad idea if you start writing blog posts as it could allow you to showcase your talent to the world. Social media posting is another option as more and more people are browsing social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  3. Play Musical Instruments
    Wipe the dust off your old musical instrument that has been lying around in a dark corner. Of course, if your neighbours don’t mind.  Communities across the globe have taken to music during the pandemic. In Italy, the people are playing musical instruments from their balconies to lift community spirits.
  4. Binge-Watch on Netflix
    Although watching an engaging TV series on Netflix passes the time, it can turn out to be a potential trap if you start binge-watching programmes that don’t help you in any way. Instead, you would be better off watching educational documentaries on Netflix that help you learn about your favourite subjects.
  5. Take to Reading
    There’s nothing like immersing yourself in a book that you’ve always wanted to read. Now’s probably the right time to fully concentrate on the characters and the storyline of the book without distractions. Books can be your best friends as they help exercise your brain and improve your vocabulary along with lowering stress and enhancing your imagination. Build yourself a collection of fiction and non-fiction books based on your preference and get started.
  6. Explore Your Artistic Side
    Explore your artistic side by painting canvases, sketching or drawing in adult coloring books. Art will help you see ordinary things in a new perspective and channelize your creativity. Explore the various websites for DIY art and craft activities that you can undertake during this period.
  7. Build Your Workout Routine
    Nobody needs to tell you that regularly working out helps you stay in shape. Among the things to do in quarantine, a consistent workout regime should probably feature on the top. Get your hands on some basic gym accessories if you can. Or else, you could watch and learn from some of the workout videos available on YouTube, for which don’t even require any equipment.
  8. Listen to Music
    Most office environments don’t permit employees to listen to music. However, while working from home during quarantine, you don’t have such a restriction. So listen to music as much as you can by working through albums and exploring new genres. You can also create your own Spotify playlists.
  9. Learn a New Language
    I’m sure over the years you would have thought many times of learning a new language but gave up the idea due to shortage of time! Well, now’s the right time to do so. There are many apps like Duolingo and Memrise that can help you learn a new language without any cost.
  10. Sleep Well
    The usual routine of late nights takes its toll on our health. Be sure to catch up on your lost sleep. Go to bed at a reasonable time to sleep naturally, which will help relax your mind and body. Remember, getting eight hours of sleep every night will leave you invigorated.