5 Must-Have Basic Skill Sets of a Backend Developer

Backend Developer

Backend development is the server-side development that makes things happen and is not revealed to users. In any web application, the frontend side encompasses all the visuals and designs that the user can see whereas processes like collecting the data, processing and encrypting it, attaching that form data to the database are done on the backend side. With expert backend web development, developers bridge the communication gap between databases and browsers and ensure that users get the best experience using a website or any application.

So, what are the crucial skills you need to become a backend developer? Read this blog to find out about those skills.

  1. Knowledge of Backend Programming Languages
    Knowledge of server-side languages such as Java, PHP, Python, .Net, Ruby, and NodeJS is essential to becoming a good backend developer. It is the only way through which developers communicate with computers to execute instructions and implement algorithms. These languages can be either object-oriented programming languages or functional programming languages with powerful features that help in writing the correct code as per the project requirements.
  2. Databases and Cache
    Databases are used by websites to store and assemble voluminous amounts of information, and database management systems are how backend developers make use of that information. It is the collective source of organized information stored on a particular computer system.
    Some of the most common database management systems that backend developers should have extensive knowledge about them are MySQL, Redis, Oracle, Improvado, SQLServer, and Oracle RDBMS. The developer should also know Memcached, Redis or Varnish as caching mechanisms that boost applications’ performance.
  3. Knowledge of Popular Frameworks
    After choosing your favorite language, you should get acquainted with the suitable frameworks associated with that language like Django or Flask in python and Spring Boot or Micronaut in Java. It gives a platform on which backend engineers can create applications using their choicest languages suited to the backend web development projects.
  4. Knowledge of Servers
    In-depth knowledge of servers along with the knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript is essential for every backend developer. A server is a remote computer system that receives requests for users’ searches or web-based files and retrieves information from the databases to send the same to clients. Hence, you must know about some servers like Nginx, Apache, Microsoft IIS, and IIS servers.
  5. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
    Besides the programming language and frameworks, databases, and servers, the knowledge of APIs is also an important skill to develop. An API is a system of rules and architectural patterns that allows seamless communication between two systems or different clients and software over the internet. Backend developers need to create APIs using different languages and frameworks. The developers should gain knowledge of REST & SOAP APIs and JSON and XML for API information.

In addition to these, a backend developer should have proficiency in security compliances, DBMS systems, and version controls. They should know scaling applications and hosting platforms, besides being a good communicator to add value to their teams.