Benefits of using Reactjs for Web Development


Reactjs is a free and open-source JavaScript library developed by Jordan Walke in 2013 to create dynamic web apps. The early prototype was named FaxJS. Soon after its prototype development, many developers started using react js development for creating single-page apps and large scale applications. Facebook launched it as a free open source JavaScript front-end framework for cross-platform web apps and mobile app development.

What makes Reactjs popular is its host of distinctive features that translate into several benefits for web developers. The leading framework comes with features like server-side rendering, declarative UI, component-based architecture and real-time updates that help developers in multiple ways.

Be it developing single networking apps, ecommerce web apps, single-page applications or cross-platform mobile apps, Reactjs is loved by developers worldwide. Here is a checklist of some benefits, Reactjs offers to web developers:

  1. Accelerates Web Development Saving Time
    Reactjs facilitates developers to write clean codes and break the entire web application into different components. They can make changes in the individual components and reuse codes that enhance the speed of development and save their crucial time.
  2. Helps create high-performing enterprise apps
    With excellent react js development service, you can create simple web applications to high performing complex enterprise apps with ease and efficiency. Its features like Virtual DOM and server-side rendering help developers make and apply changes and develop web and mobile applications.
  3. Rich Toolset with Exhaustive UI components
    The most important benefit of using Reactjs is that it comes with an extensive set of UI components and a library full of feature-rich, helpful developer tools that make web development a breeze. It contains tools like Flux, Nodejs on the backend, Chrome developer tools and several built-in UI components.
  4. Flexibility
    What makes Reactjs different from other monolithic frameworks is its modular structure making the codes flexible and easy to maintain. It makes it easy for developers to create fast and easily scalable web and mobile applications. Thus, developers save a considerable amount of time & money that can be gainfully utilized in other high priority tasks.
  5. Easier conversion of web Apps to mobile apps
    React Native—one of the most popular frameworks based on Reactjs is used for developing mobile apps. Reactjs helps JavaScript developers convert web apps into mobile apps with a native look and feel using some parts of a React web app.
  6. Strong Community Support
    Reactjs developed by Facebook enjoys support from a large community of developers who make it a reliable library with updated tools and technologies. With more than 1000 contributors enriching its ecosystem, developers can easily find solutions to their queries or troubleshooting issues from the community.
  7. SEO Friendly
    Besides, Reactjs facilitates server-side rendering that reduces the page load time and optimizes the application for search engines. It makes it SEO friendly that serves the development purpose of an interactive and user-friendly web or mobile app. The high speed and efficient performance of Reactjs applications enhance the overall performance and user experience.