How DevOps consulting helps to Improve Business Efficiency?

Business benefits of Devops
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Businesses across the globe are embracing new technologies, frameworks, and platforms to accelerate innovation, time-to-market, and business efficiency. In this blog, we’ll understand how DevOps strategy consulting can help businesses like yours achieve the much-needed agility, collaboration, and efficiency in operations leading to higher customer experience and business growth.

As a concept, DevOps is a relatively new practice in software development and delivery. However, an increasing number of businesses are realizing its potential to transform how teams connect, communicate, work, and deliver projects.

At the most fundamental level, DevOps practices eliminate the silos that exist between software developers and delivery teams. However, DevOps is much more than bringing two core teams together; DevOps is more about a cultural shift towards software development, delivery, and management. And when implemented with guidance from an experienced DevOps strategy consulting company, businesses tend to reap improve their processes and efficiencies in the following ways:

Shorter Development Cycle, Improved Customer Experience
DevOps methodologies lead to a more connected development & operations teams focused on continuously making changes to the software or application using a Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) pipeline. This enables faster development and delivery of applications, new features, or any bug updates. Shorter development cycles and continuous improvements to the software also leads to an accelerated customer experience (CX).


“90% of financial institutions reported being targeted by malware in 2018.”

In the post-covid world, businesses need to rethink their approaches towards securing their apps, data, and systems. DevOps can play a pivotal role in this. With a DevOps model, developers & operation teams can leverage DevOps best practices, such as microservices architecture, containerization, serverless, cloud computing and a host of other tools and technologies, to embed security right at the center of their software design, development, and delivery lifecycle.

Implementing the recommendations from the DevOps strategy consulting service providers will also help your business hire the best DevOps engineers and thus ensure more customer-centric solutions adhering to high-quality standards and that are sustainable.

Effective Collaboration
Building collaborative and responsible teams is critical to businesses that want to meet the needs of the ever-changing markets. DevOps work culture has been designed to dramatically improve the workflow and help manage roles better. The approach not only saves time but also leads to a reduction in the number of errors which eventually leads to more efficient business processes and outcomes.