What Does a Back-End Developer Do?

Backend Developer
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Backend is the heart and brain of a website that powers it. The backend consists of three components- a server, an application, and a database. Backend development refers to all behind-the-scenes activities that take place on the server-side. Users never see this development or interact with it but it ensures that the website runs well and users get the most desirable browsing experience.

If you wonder what a backend web developer does, read this blog to find out more about their actions. Without effective backend web development, the front-end or user-facing side of the website can’t exist.

Based on the clients’ web site or app requirements, backend developers write clean and well-documented code for them. They use server-side languages like Python, Ruby, PHP, .Net, and Java to write codes and ensure seamless interaction among the server, application, and database. Tools like MySQL, Oracle, and SQL Server help them to make changes in data, find and save them and serve it back to the user in front-end code.

Backend developers use the latest backend web development tools and solutions for scripting and developing the architecture of websites as well as maintaining databases. The tools and applications help users get the best browsing experience and facilitate them to gain the desired information or complete any action like creating a profile, online shopping, or filling out a form.

Here is a checklist of some of the core responsibilities of backend developers who would require working with:-

  • Database creation, integration, and management
  • Back-end frameworks to build server-side software
  • Server-side programming languages
  • Web server technologies
  • Cloud computing integration
  • API Integration
  • Content management system development, deployment, and maintenance
  • Security settings and hack prevents
  • Reporting—generating analytics and statistics
  • Operating systems
  • Maintain proper backup for a website’s files and DB

Hiring experienced backend web developers who have the knowledge and experience of PHP frameworks like CakePHP, Symfony, and Zend and also experience of Linux as a tool for development and deployment is essential for getting quality backend development services.

Backend developers love to create public and private APIs that helps trade data between mobile devices, websites, and other connected systems. Besides this, the developers create, maintain, test, and debug the entire back end ensuring that everything runs properly providing users the finest experience. They include the databases, the core application logic, Application integration, API, and other back end processes.

Back-end developers work with the product design and front-end developers’ team, who act in liaison with customers so that the product can improve steadily. They ensure the security of the database and effective deployment and maintenance of content.

Considering the critical role of backend web developers, it makes a great sense to rely only on a renowned and experienced software development company that can provide you a great web design and development services.